The function of an Estate Agency is not only to present products to clients!
More importantly, the function of an Estate Agency is to advise clients, be it in legal, tax or accounting matters or in building, renovation or development of a property.

The team at Mrad Estate Agency is able to answer most of our clients' questions, however when further assistance is required, we call our team of experts - professionals who we work closely alongside, and orientate our clients in their direction.


We collaborate with Renovation Enterprises, of which some have more than 30 houses actually in the process of renovation.


Specialized architects in construction or engineers in concrete – whoever you are looking for, we will find you the right person for the job!


Decoration, as we all know, is an art; we can recommend the highest quality craftsmen, artists and decorators...

Managment :

How to manage a property?
Should a professional be called in or not?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of managing alone?
Without an intermediary, there are no management fees or delays!
Is it safer to chose a tenant oneself?

Managing a property is actually much harder than it looks and there are multiple constraints:

Constitution of the candidate's dossier and verification of the paper work involved.
Reporting the condition of the building/s.
Eventual conflict.
Reporting the Acts.
Declaration of income.
Managing bad debts.

As part of our services, we at Mrad Estate Agency are able to take care of the above.

It will be our pleasure to introduce you to our services!

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Regulation project regarding houses in Tunisia.
Land title: some information regarding properties in Tunisia.
Registration of buildings (procedure of titration).
Expenses of acquisition of a real estate.
Architect fees: obligatory for renovation and construction.


Execution of estimate of cost and a plan in conformity with the law regarding the certification of surfaces, dealt with by the agency, in the event of exclusive mandate or effective sale of a simple mandate.
Promotion of the property.

Photographs in the window.
Minimum of 1000 copies by mailing to all potential buyers on the Agency's files.

3. Placing of a notice board on the property for sale with the commission's authorization.
4. Bi-monthly information from the owner, regarding the movements of the various Enterprises and their results.
Selection of potential buyers and their solvency.
Compilation of the promise of sale and follow-up with the solicitor or lawyer.


An active research by the Agency to find properties that correspond to demand.
A personalized diagnosis for each client.
When property matches a demand, an immediate proposition and follow-up.
A monthly update of real estate movement.
Proposition of appropriate finance in collaboration with
our partners.